Work-based training approach
in the field of Industry 4.0
for competitive European Industry

Project iNduce 4.0

Strategic Partnerships for
vocational education
and training

Project iNduce 4.0

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Our challenge is to ensure that all industrial sectors make the best use of new technologies and manage their transition towards higher value digitized products and processes, commonly known as "Industry 4.0".


The INDUCE 4.0 project consortium consists of 7 partners from 6 countries, who are highly diverse and hence will bring complementary knowledge which is required due to the interdisciplinary of the project topic.


The INDUCE 4.0 consortium represents a Business-VET-research partnership on the ground, aimed at creating a flexible work-based training approach. Each of the project Outputs strives to contribute towards achieving this goal.


iNduce 4.0 Training Course is a flexible learning package for work-based learning, which aims at raising the awareness on the topic of Industry 4.0 among manufacturing SMEs and thus boosting the SMEs’ capacity for transition.