The INDUCE 4.0 consortium represents a Business-VET-research partnership on the ground, aimed at

  • creating a flexible work-based training approach, which will enable manufacturing SMEs to prepare their current and future employees (vocational students/apprentices) for the changes arising from the 4th Industrial revolution;
  • enabling VET providers/ trainers/ consultants to adequately respond to needs of the business by carrying out joint business-VET initiatives with focus on Industry 4.0 subject.
Each of the project Intellectual Outputs strives to contribute towards achieving this goal.

O1 is aimed at mapping the most important knowledge and skills gaps in the field of Industry 4.0 and hardships manufacturing SMEs encounter in organisation of WBL initiatives.

O2 will provide the technical knowledge in the field of Industry 4.0 and the knowledge basis for building a work-based training.

O3 is aimed at equipping SMEs and VET stakeholders with a mentoring plan and apprenticeship programme tailored to the INDUCE 4.0 training course.

O1/A1: Target group survey – survey among manufacturing SMEs and VET providers.
O1/A2: Legislation review in the field of WBL.
O1/A3: Preparation of Country report.
O1/A4: Performing of benchmark analysis of all Country reports.

Download State-of-the-art analysis – Version 1.0

The training course will be available on an online open educational portal on the topic of Industry 4.0 where
users will have the option to review study materials and complete interactive self-test questionnaires, exchange
information and good practices.

Planned activities for this intellectual output:
O2/A1: Deriving specifications from O1;
O2/A2: Desk research on each topic & exchange of knowledge;
O2/A3: Development of content;
O2/A4: Cross-check of the developed training materials;
O2/A5: Technical implementation of the interactive training portal;
O2/A6: Testing of the applicability of INDUCE 4.0 course with project target groups;
02/A7: Refinement and finalisation of the training content and platform.

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O3/A1: Deriving specifications from O1 & O2 learning structure;
O3/A2: Elaboration of INDUCE 4.0 Practical methodology for WBL;
O3/A3: Methodology peer review & improvement – along with the training course;
O3/A4 Testing the applicability of the methodology – along with the training course;
O3/A5: Implementation of improvements according to the feedback and finalisation of the output.

DOWNLOAD INDUCE 4.0 Practical methodology for Work-Based Learning