The second meeting of the EU project “iNduce 4.0” took place in Larnaca on April 18th, 2018. The meeting took place according to the project’s schedule and aimed to facilitate the decision-making process of several tasks which are currently being developed.

All partner institutions from the iNduce 4.0 project were represented and the meeting was conducted smoothly and constructively.

The team was first greeted by UPM (Romania), which is the leader of the project and then by PCX (Cyprus), which was the organizing partner.

A situation point was made for each one of the tasks, where each of the leading institutions presented the advancements of each deliverable, followed by a thorough planning for the remaining activities in order to complete the final products as scheduled. A report on IO1 – State-of-the art analysis on the knowledge & skills gaps on the topic of Industry 4.0 and the requirements for WBL (Work-based learning) presented by ECQ (Bulgaria) and PIAP (Poland) presented the IO2 requirements, the structure of the training content and each partner’s responsibilities. There was an extensive discussion on learning structure of the training material and on technical implementation of the project’s interactive portal.

The meeting continued with processes regarding management and reporting, an Interim report, financial details, Dissemination issues and ended with the preparation of the partners’ next steps.

2nd project meeting in Larnaca, Cyprus